Monday, June 23, 2014

No Time for Love SOLD to Spencer Hill Press!

I can't believe I'm writing this post. Like, seriously, I'm sitting here and thinking...

Holy crap! We sold our book! How did that happen??

Two Nanos ago, Cassie Mae asked if I'd like to write a collab with her. Of course I said YES! Then she asked...

What should we write about?

And we thought (I thought? I can't remember if it was her idea, my idea or both of our ideas...haha).

Anyways, we came up with these two.

Kate and Seth

Two kinda average but SUPER busy high school students who have time for NOTHING except school, soccer, basketball, cello, robotics club, National Honors Society...

Basically, they don't have time for each other.

Then they both decide to join the musical OKLAHOMA and things just take off from there.

This was the easiest book I've ever written. (I don't have favorites. These books are my children after all :)). But I knew who Kate was right away, and Cassie's character, Seth is just the cutest, sweetest book boy ever. We finished the story way before Nano was over and changed very little during edits. 

It just...clicked.

And now it's found a home!

Here's the Publishers Marketplace Announcement:

Kelley Lynn and Cassie Mae's NO TIME FOR LOVE, in which two teenagers have little time for anything, including each other... until they're both cast in a high school musical which forces them to realize there are some people in life worth making time for, to Marie Romero at Tulip Romance, for publication in 2015 (World English)

I cannot wait to continue this journey to having Kate and Seth in reader's hands. I love, love, love these guys.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I'm not good with structure

For the past month or so, Jenny S. Morris and I have been writing, rewriting, deleting, redoing, and starting from scratch, our synopsis for the possible sequel to ROAD TO SOMEWHERE.

(Yes! A sequel! I get giddy just thinking about writing more Luke and Lucy chapters.)

When it comes to writing a synopsis, I'm HORRIBLE. Especially if the book isn't written yet.

I've determined this is because I'm really not good with structure, as a general life rule.

I don't really do the 'planning' thing. Luckily I have so many awesome friends/family that are good with that. I swear I wouldn't do anything or go anywhere if it weren't for them.

When I do decide to do things its on a whim and a lot of the time say and do things without thinking about it.

I've tried to keep a schedule for this blog, numerous times, to no avail.

I get 'obsessed' with something for a little while (Starbucks...) and then I get bored with it and move onto something else (Still waiting for when I move on from my Starbucks obsession...)

Most relevant to this post... I am a complete and total panster. Which makes writing a synopsis for a book not written yet very difficult. I get a little panicky actually. Because what if my characters don't want to do what I have them destined to do?

In the end, what it boils down to, is that in many ways, I've learned to get around my inability to work within a structured box. But in order to get better, and in this case I'm talking about being a better writer, I have to do things that don't come naturally. Things that aren't easy.

Writing is exciting for me because of this. I love the idea that I will always be growing as a writer. I want to be challenged. To be given deadlines that seem impossible, edits that are daunting, reviews that challenge my characters and story arch.

And I love the idea that maybe someday, I'll be better at working within a structure.

Even if its just a little bit better.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Storymakers Fun, and a cover change for FRACTION OF STONE! (includes a giveaway for 2 signed copies)

Where am I?

Oh, I'm on my blog.

Hello there blog. It's been awhile.

Luckily I'm here to share some really fun stuff so I think everyone will forgive me.

First, this was me this weekend.

Author, Jessica Salyer and I on our way to Utah!

Some of the most amazing writers IN THE WORLD!

I got to spend the whole weekend as an author. I learned a lot, and spent some time with people I only interact with online except for this one time out of the year. It's an author's dream come true.

But enough about me.

The second in The Fraction Series, FRACTION OF HOPE, is scheduled for release next month. I'm so flippin' excited. Because I'm always learning, I've decided FRACTION OF STONE needs a cover change so it can fit in with the rest of its siblings. The fabulous author, Jolene Perry, is doing my cover art. (To be revealed soon!)

In light of this exciting event, I'm giving away two signed copies of FRACTION OF STONE! And I'm also learning how to use Goodread's giveaway feature. So please pop on over and sign up for the giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fraction of Stone by Kelley Lynn

Fraction of Stone

by Kelley Lynn

Giveaway ends May 05, 2014.
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